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"CUCCHI SPA" italian company (used machine tools) is specializes the selling and distributing of used gear machine tools, gear shapers, gear hobbers, gear grinders, and more. They also have in inventory Liebherr gear Machinery, Gleason Gear Machinery, G&E Gear Machinery, Fellows Gear Machines, Reishauer Gear Grinders, Hoglund Grinders, Pfauter Gear Machinery, SU Gear Machinery, Kapp Griners, Mitsubishi Gear Machinery, Roto Flo Spline Rollers, Modul Gear Machinery, Hurth Gear Machinery, Barber Colman Gear Hobbers, Schiess Gear Machinery, Red Ring Shavers, Nachi Gear Machinery, Sicmat Shavers, Maag Gear Machinery,lorenz gear machinery, Samputensili, and more.

CUCCHI SPA International  established on italy company since1948,sell machine tools for involute gears,Straight & Spiral bevel gears, for cater to the needs of both automobile & industrial gear sector,Gear Cutters  ,Spiral Bevel Generator,Soft Body Cutters,Gear Cutters ,Bevel cutters,spiral bevel gears,Spiral Bevel Blades,straight bevel cutter,Bevel cutters ,Straight bevel gears,Coniflex Blade

We buy machines and production plants from all over the world. If you sell us your machines, you can be sure of prompt inspection, payment, transportation, etc.

Our management takes pains to provide every customer with expert before-sale consultation; and reliable after-sale service, also with regard to procurement of spare parts, etc. Clients are welcome to visit our warehouses at any time. Machines which are of interest can be inspected under power, after prior appointment.

We can arrange for reasonably priced transportation if required. All machines are rust-protected and properly packed before they leave our stock. Machines being sent to overseas destinations are usually sent in containers, and in this important area we have a lot of packing experience, so that machines are certain to arrive in good order.

Our after-sale service includes helping you to procure accessories and spare parts for our machines in the future.

We can also recommend companies who specialize in reconditioning and retrofitting, etc.

If you are selling your company, or your production machines, and need a price estimate, our qualified authority will be happy to help you.

- All mechanical, hydraulic and electrical functions are tested,

- Worn or damaged parts are repaired or replaced,

- Hydraulic systems are power tested,

- Backlash and mechanical components are checked as necessary,

- Lubrication systems are checked,

- Permanent filters are thoroughly cleaned and disposable filters are replaced,

- All critical motions undergo precision indicator readings,

- The outside finish is repaired and restored,

- Any additional customer-required reconditioning is completed.

No other machine tool dealer in europe  provides the consistent quality reconditioning and commitment to customer satisfaction provided by CUCCHI SPA and its dedicated staff. Customers purchasing CUCCHI SPA reconditioned machines should expect that the machines will be fully operational and ready to receive their tooling.

CUCCHI SPA is your leading source for high quality used and new gear machinery and accessories. CUCCHI SPA is an internationally recognized leader in the business of purchasing and reselling new and pre-owned conventional and CNC gear machines, generators, grinders, hobbers, shapers, testers, and more. We have hundreds of late model, quality machine tools in stock, and can find additional equipment through our worldwide networking system. CUCCHI SPA is also a single source for liquidation. We will buy one piece of machinery or an entire facility. CUCCHI SPA can purchase your equipment outright, sell it on a consignment basis or liquidate it. CUCCHI SPA has been in the new and used machinery business for 50 years. We have the knowledge and experience to satisfy the needs of our customers -- whether selling or buying used machine tools.

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